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protein extraction using trizol - can we replace guanidine cholride with other denaturants? (Aug/04/2009 )

hi ,
i do not have Gndn- Cl (denaturant) which is prescribed in protein washing step using trizol< .3M Soln in 95% abs. ethanol>. my lab has guanidine isothiocynate, urea , 2 mercaptoethanol etc, can i use any of these as substitute. my ultracentrifuge is out of order so trizol is my only option .. besides i regularly get rna for my rt pcr using trizol... just starting with protein work ..
plse help



I can't help with your question but wanted to mention, that I was never happy with the quality of protein from Trizol preparations...never dissolved properly after drying and all Western Blots looked weird. I would choose a different method for protein isolation.