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ELISA results - (Aug/03/2009 )


Just a quick question. I have started doing a lot of ELISA 's and when I graph the raw data, I am getting pg/ml values in the 10000-100000. The ELISA template I am using is from another lab and this is what they use to graph their results. I have doubled checked that I am using the template correctly and I am but I am still worried about my fold values.

I have looked up journals and do not see any papers publishing ELISA graphs with such high values. My cells are HEK293, my activator is poly I:C and my ELISA kit is from R+D systems. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.


Maybe 10-100 ng/ml?


What are the values of the standards or calibrators? Are they in pg/ml, ng/ml, etc then you can convert appropriately.


Hi. thanks for your post. My standards are in pg/ml but I feel I was using the template wrong so have found a new template and fingers crossed the folds will seem more normal :)