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pipetting reservoir - (Jul/29/2009 )

hi, this is a very easy question, just got some doubts here, =). But someone told me that it is better use one solution for one pipetting reservoir (wash buffer = 1 reservoir, stop solution = 1 reservoir). i only hv one reservoir at this moment, can i just use one solution first then wash again to use for another solution? what will be its effect?



I have used separate reservoirs for each solution in an ELISA assay and I have also washed and reused reservoirs for ELISAs. I didn't see a difference either way. Just make sure you rinse it well and dry it before adding the next solution. In a pinch, you can also use an old tip box without the insert (or other similar types of box) carefully tilted on its side if you need another reservoir. I sometimes prop one up with a lab marker or pen underneath it. Just make sure the box width isn't too much wider than your multichannel pipettor or you will need a much larger sample/antibody volume.


Or, use a weigh boat or weigh dish which are cheap and disposable. Disposable reservoirs are also sold. Wash and rinse well...especially conjugate.