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platinium taq vs simple taq - sequence (Jul/26/2009 )

i want to know , is there any recognition sequence difference b/w platinium taq and simple taq. i know platinium taq is more efficient than simple taq. aand also know it works like hotstar.

bt i want to know, whether simple taq can be used in any reaction,where platinium taqs recommended.can simple taq work in place of platinium taq.


I believe platinum Taq has an automatic hot start -- the Taq is inactivated by an antibody which is destroyed at the first 95C step of your PCR program, allowing the Taq to become functional. Other than that, they're interchangeable. If you need a hot start and are using regular Taq, it'll be a bit more difficult.

Note that these are both just Taq. They have the same rate of error incorporation. If you need high fidelity, you need to use Hi Fi Taq or Platinum Hi Fi Taq, or some other high fidelity polymerase.