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Preparing mutated MDCK cells - method of mutation of MDCK cells (Jul/23/2009 )

Hello everyone,

I am trying to express a viral protein in MDCK cell lines. Which is quite normal work. But in tandem I am planning to express the protein in mutated MDCK cell lines.

I need a protocol to mutate the MDCK cells in the lab in an economic and quicker way. I have to get the work done in 2 weeks. I request you guys to help me with this.

Thanks and regards
Manyu :)


what sort of mutation-SNP, gene deletion, gene additon, random, etc...? Most mutation protocols will take more than 2 weeks to generate isogenic or monoculture cell lines. Polyclonal mutant lines are different. Remember that you will need to characterise the mutations that are generated, and ensure that the mutant cells grow in a similar fashion to the original MDCK, otherwise you won't be able to make direct comparisons between the mutant and wildtype.