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glycerol stock - shelf life (Jul/20/2009 )

what is the shelf life of bacteria in glycerol stock in -70

what is the difference and quality of 70% and 45% glycerol stock. which one is good


We usually keep bacteria in glycerol stock at -80degcel. And it can be kept for as long as a few decades.

I am not too sure if the quantity of the glycerol determines its quality. But I know different people have different protocols. I use a final concentration of around 33% glycerol for my bacterial stocks.


I also use ~33% glycerol stocks (770 l of 50% glycerol and 330l of fresh culture), stored in -70C. They would last for ages, if stored properly


YUp, agree with noelmathur. For me, it is 1mL of culture and 500ul of 100% glycerol. Do remember to use fresh culture.


I use about 15-20% glycerol. My stocks thus far have lasted up to 7 years.


25% over here . one decade.

250ul 100% glycerol + 750ul of culture