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Anti-metastasis and Cytostasis - Differentiation between the above (Jul/17/2009 )

Hi all,

I am currently working on 2 compounds which have shown inhibition of migration when wound healing assay was used. I just wanted to make sure the inhibition was because of the anti-metastatic activity of the compounds, but not because of the cytostatic nature. I am currently using the C6, rat glioma cells and HeLa, human cervical cancer cells to perform the experiment. I have used MTT assay to determine the cytotoxicity of the compounds on the same cell lines.

Can anyone please help me out by giving me an idea of a method to differentiate both of these concepts in vitro. It is very important and also kind of urgent guys .... as my thesis is based on proving this.

Thank you for your help.


Great question and worth the time to evaluate. I would grow the cells in culture with or without varying amounts of compounds and compare cell number overtime. If you find that the treated cells do not divide and increase in number, it is likely that the compounds have cytostatic effects.

Next, you should test migration of treated and untreated cells to a chemokine gradient to evaluate whether migration is affected.

Hope this helps you.