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POP-4 or POP-6 polymer - fragment analysis (Jul/16/2009 )

Hi I want to use 310 ABI PRISM Genetic Analyzer but not for sequencing but for fragment analysis. I have cDNA fragment population vary in lenght (1-500nt) and fluorescent labeled on thier 5' ends. So maby You can help me with this. ABI says that POP-4 is for fragment analysis and POP-6 for sequencing. For me the most important is that i want to see first 250 nt so I need good resolution for about 300nt. I attached pdf where on pages 7 to 11 POP-4 and POP-6 are compared in standard sequencing. You can see that POP-6 better reads first 50nt and for me this is good information but i dont know if this is the same for the simple fragment analysis

Maby anyone can help me which polymer I should choose?


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POP-7 is probably better than either -4 or -6, but given a choice between those I would use -6.


Hi, Blaszcz

I use POP4 for fragment analysis and resolution is good enough between 50bp to 400bp. And as I know, POP4 is cheaper then POP6.

I attached a picture that is one of my run using ABI-310, POP4. Blue peaks are cDNA fragments and the red color is 500bp standard. Maybe this picture give you more information.

Good luck...
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