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Culture of soil bacteria - (Jul/16/2009 )

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I am working on cultivation of some soil bacteria also, and I use serial dilutions when plating and I am getting from 100 to 350 colonies per sample. Also, I would like to recommend TG medium for plating, since I have tried to use many different media, and this one gave me best results. It is a little bit time consuming process to make it, but as I have already said, it works. This is the paper where you can find recipe: Mierob Ecol (1989) 17:181-192 MICROBIAL ECOLOGY C) Springer-Verlag New York Inc. 1989. Phenotypical Divergences between Populations of Soil Bacteria Isolated on Different Media.
Roald Sorheim, Vigdis Lid Torsvik, and Jostein Goksoyr.

Good luck!

-Tanja N-

Thanks for your advices, Pito and GeorgeWolff. I will try that out. Hopefully I can get the best result for my cultivation. Also thank you, Tanja. Thanks for sharing useful information with me. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day, friends! :o

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