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sequencing storage question - (Jul/14/2009 )

Hi, does anyone know how long can sequencing samples be stored at 4degrees or -20degrees prior to clean up?


Naturally, it is best to do the cleanup and sequencing right after the PCR as there is fluorescent stuffs and enzymes inside the sample.

I have previously hold my samples in the PCR machine overnight for 4degcel and it worked fine. But I have had colleagues telling me that it would be best to store it for a max of one day.

I also have this colleague who once did the PCR, then took the samples out and kept in the -20degcel fridge over the weekend before she sent it for cleanup and analysis and it worked fine. I hope this helps.


For samples cleaned up: I have kept them at 4C over weekend, and they were still fine. I think I remember keeping not cleaned samples over weekend and they sill worked fine. But as the cleanup takes only 10 min, I usually do right after seq. PCR.
Maxiumum time it took for seq to arrive from our core facility (and seq ok): 5 days.