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It was very difficult to subculture HaCaT - (Jul/11/2009 )

Hi all, I recently started to work with HACAT cells.
but it was very difficult to subculture.
Does anybody have any suggestions as to what is causing this problem of the cells
or has anybody had the same problems and managed to overcome them?

Ex: change trypsin concentrate(%) or add something to medium and PBS buffer.

Thanks for helping!

-jim chen-

subculture - is that the same as splitting?

if so - no probs whatsoever

your questions a bit vague - whats the problem - do they shout obcenities at you?



The Hacat cells I have been working with are easy to subculture. I don't have any problem with them. Can you elaborate what you have done, and the passage of the cells you are using. It matters.