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noro virus - help please (Jul/06/2009 )

Hi, could anyone please tell me if any strain of the noro virus could cause the big toe on my right foot to clamp up, and also is there any significant difference between strains espescially ones passed imediately.

thanks :)


I don't quite understand the questions... you have a cramp in your toe, and you suspect it is caused by norovirus? I would doubt it, unless you injected your toe with the virus in which case you would have an immune reaction and maybe a swollen toe. Noroviruses are primarily gastro-intestinal. Actually, I suppose if you had a GI infection of norovirus, you could be depleted in salts from the vomiting and diarrhoea, which could give you cramps.

I don't get the question about passed strains either... perhaps you meant past (as in previous or prior to)? Evolution of strains is limited by the ability of the virus to proof-read its genome during replication, for this reason HIV mutates (RNA virus - no proof reading) faster than influenza (DNA, proof reading).


Cheers Bob.