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about the microRNA seqence database - (Jun/30/2009 )


I would like to clone pri-miRNA and pre-miRNA sequence into the lentivirol vecter. But, I can't find any information about the pri-miRNA and pre-miRNA sequence database. Does anyone kindly provide me any useful information or website? I will be grateful for any help or suggestion from your help. Thank you very much!!


Most people will clone the miRNA plus ~100 bp 5' and 3' and this should work. There was a paper, I think in PNAS about a year or 2 ago, that used several computational methods to predict the pri-miRNA, but I can't find it right now. If I find it I'll send you a PM.

Edit: Ah-ha! Found the article, the PMID is 17965236.

-miRNA man-

miRBase at the Sanger Institute is a good source for miRNA sequence data.

-Jon Moulton-

Thank you very much for your suggestion!! :(