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Struggling for months with one little ligation/transformation - please help! - XhoI digested 1,5 kb insert needs to be ligated into 4,8kb vector (Jun/29/2009 )

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i hope youve found an answer to your question.
I was wondering where you found the pHybLex/Zeo vector... I was trying to find it and Invitrogen said they dont sell it anymore.
Could you please let me know where i can find it? If you just had it in your lab, maybe i could contact someone and ask for it?
I would appreciate any info.




Hope you've solved your problem by now? Was it the E. coli strain? Did you have "wrong" DH5?

from Invitrogen:
Any E. coli strain that contains the complete Tn5
transposable element (i.e. DH5αFIQ, SURE, SURE2) encodes
the ble (bleomycin) resistance gene. These strains will confer
resistance to Zeocin. For the most efficient selection, use an
E. coli strain that does not contain the Tn5 gene (i.e. TOP10,
DH5, DH10, etc.).

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