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antibody labelling - not enough Ab (Jun/29/2009 )

Finally got re-registered!

I'm looking to label some antibody with a fluorescent tag but most of the kits out there require more antibody than I have in some cases (1mg/ml required but Ab sold as 100ug/ml). The lowest requirement I can find is a kit which will use 0.5mg/ml but they don't provide a kit with the tag I want :-S

Can anyone point me in the right direction re: adding some kind of carrier to bulk the protein conc? I found one kit which adds a tail to the protein specifically for this purpose but the one place that seems to sell it is out of stock.

Any help would be appreciated.


I would not put in extraneous protein. You should be able to dilute the active reagents and after conjugation manipulate the product. Thermo Pierce should be able to help you with micro methods for conjugation.

You can always test out the conjugation and recovery by using an inexpensive ab.


Use "Lightning-Link Conjugate kit" from

You can label as low as 100 ug without column purificatiob.

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