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Yeast contamination, when can I say Ive defeat them ?? - (Jun/27/2009 )

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Neurite on Jul 12 2009, 07:15 PM said:

2 weeks later...

My cells are growing now in antibiotic free medium and still, no yeast....

If anybody once, has this same problem, I suggest you try to save your cells...

Good luck everybody.

the next time you pass your cells spin down the remaining culture, aspirate, resuspend in 200 uL water and plate on YPD at 30C for 10 days. use sterile DMEM for a neg. ctl.

you'll know if there's yeast.

better yet, follow the best advice about starting again with fresh cells.


I agree with bob, George, eldon and Rhombus- start over, you can't trust any results you get with your cells now.

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