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Tool for design gene structure figures - (Jun/22/2009 )

Hi everyone!

this is my first post, but I really like the helpfull spirit of this forum.

my questions is does someone knows a program or tool to design figures of gene structure, like exons, domains etc..., and if possible the primer annealing sites

thank so much,

greetings from Portugal


see here: (bottom of the page)


Vector NTI costs a lot of money. Most people draw these sorts of things in image manipulation programs such as Adobe Illustrator (also expensive and hard to use), Powerpoint (Microsoft, not free, and not very good, but it can do it), GIMP (free and quite good, but takes a while to learn), ImageJ can also do this sort of stuff.


thank you all for your help.

I'm trying some of the programs provided in the link of wikipedia. Once I've a verdict I'll post it

the imagine manipulation is a hypotheses, but it will be hard to draw the gene in scale. (introns, exons, and the different domains)

thank you once more


I agree with Bob. If you want something simple, just do it in powerpoint, word, illustrator. If you want something fancy, you can do it in UCSC genome browser by creating your own custom annotation tracks. then the genome browser allows you to export the image to PostScript and PDF.


I found this tool at proposite, it's pretty easy to use

iand allows creation of domains, bidding sites etc in a web base tool, with some options like altering the scale, color and shape of domains.