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HEK 293 stability question - (Jun/20/2009 )

I apologize if I am posting to the wrong sub-forum. I had a quick question regarding HEK 293 cells. Does anyone have experience with HEK 293 cells stored in complete growth medium at 4 degree C for a week? I had some excess cells that I just thrust in the refrigerator, but I am curious to know if they would be okay or not. ;)


I don't think there are viable cells after one week at 4 degree.


I don't think they would be OK either, there will be high levels of expression of cold protectant proteins and other stress responsive genes if there are any surviving cells.

Also... the cost of throwing these out and using cells that you know are OK will be less than using them for an experiment and then not knowing if your result is due to the refrigeration - so you have to repeat with fresh cells anyway.