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DNA dissolved in DMSO instead of H2O - (Jun/18/2009 )

So, I had a moment of stupid this AM. I had done a couple of midipreps that for transfection into some mammalian cells. I did Phenol-chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation overnight @-80'C. This morning I spun the DNA and washed with 70%EtOH, and was happy to see a nice, big pellet :lol: . And happened. I grabbed the eppy of DMSO to the right of the eppy of H2O, and proceeded to dissolve the pellet in DMSO instead of water. D'oh! :lol: That's what I get for trying to do some work before coffee

So now I'm in a pinch, as I was planning on doing the transfection today. Does anyone have any idea how I might recover my pDNA from absolute DMSO? I was thinking of placing it in the spin-vac, but I'm interested in other ideas from the forum. Humbly,JAH


I hope DNA did not solubilize in DMSO. You can just spin once, get rid of it and wash with EtOH again, then disslove it in DW or TE.


Hi, I have just made the same mistake.  I dissolved my primer in DMSO instead of water :("


Thanks to Genehunter, I did what was suggetsted-- spin it down, then wash with 70% EthOH. Centrifuge again for about 30-45min. Carefully remove the EthOH and let the tube dry at room temp. Lastly, I reconstitute the tiny pellet in water. The recovered primer was used for sequencing and it worked perfectly fine :)