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Knock-out MEFs and WT MEFs - (Jun/15/2009 )


I want to see if there's a growth defect with my virus grown in knock-out MEFs versus WT MEFs. Since the MEFs came from different mice, if I do see a growth defect, should I be concerned that it may not be due to the knock-out? Thanks!


The standard way to do this experiment would be to have non-infected controls for both the WT and KO MEFs as well as the infected treatments, this should tell you if you have comparable growth from both the WT and KO.


Do you mean the MEF are a different genetic background strain?? Or is your knock-out made from the WT strain??

If the strain is different, couldn't you just make some MEF from the same strain as your knock-out? I think that would be the best way to proceed.