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Differential expression of 3 adenoviruses in different cell lines. Why? - (Jun/05/2009 )

I have 2 cell lines- MDCK T23 and mouse CCD that I have been trying to infect with different three adenoviruses; PIP5K1alpha, PIP5K1beta, and PIP5K1gamma. Strangely the PIP5K1alpha only infects the CCD and not the MDCK. The PIP5K1beta and gamma only infect the MDCK and not the CCD. I have repeated the infections side by side under the same conditions and I consistantly get the same result. I also recently tried infected HeLa cells and only the PIP5K1alpha virus infects. Any suggestions? Why might this be happening? What should I do next?


what are MDCK and CCD cells?
your three adenoviruses might have different tropism.

-little mouse-

Did you made the 3 viruses youself? Were they made from the same plasmids? Because same plasmid-originated virus should be able to infect the same cells...


MDCK are dog cells (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney) and CCD are mouse, this may explain the differences you see.