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how to save chemicals and tips - how to save all molecular chemicals and equipments such as tips (Jun/04/2009 )

hello guys, i have a problem of limited source of chemicals and equipments since my supervisor is running out of grant money.
so, i`m planning to avoid any waste of each chemicals and disposable equipments.i appreciate if any of you will give suggestion and comments on how to save and reduce the usage or recycle the tips that we used in molecular work.tq


I think it is a great idea to try to not waste lab supplies at any time (not just when money is short- although it nearly always is!!).
My suggestion would be to consider carefully the implications of reusing items such as tips- in the long run you will end up using far more time and resources if you have to repeat something due to contamination!!!


I've actually tried washing and reusing tips but when things go wrong you're never sure if it's the tips or not. Buying tips in bulk and racking them yourself is pretty cheap.