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Thermanox Coverslips - (Jun/01/2009 )


I am currently conducting rat bone marrow cell cultures in 12 well plates. I am utilizing thermanox coverslips to culture the cells on. However, I am finding that when I seed the cells, the coverslip will float which causes some cells to go under the coverslip and grow on the plate itself.

I was wondering if anyone has had the problem in the past and has tips on how to keep the coverslips down.

Thanks in advance.




Dip the coverslip into some sterile culture-grade water, then place it onto the plate and let it dry. The coverslip will stick to the plate.


Hi there, put the coverslips first inside the well,, and then put your cells,, this will preven the coverslip from floating,, however,, there is no way of preventing very few cells from attaching under the coverslip it just happens...