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Freezing cells, quick question - (May/29/2009 )

Hi Guys,

Just wondering. Do any of you freeze cells just in a -80 and keep them there for long term storage as opposed to -80 then transferring to a cryo vessel? Just curious if it makes that much of a difference.




It won't be long term storage in a -80C but you might still be able to store your cells for up a year or more as compared "long term" storage in liq N2 storage. Ice crystal will slowly grow in cells kept at -80C , and will eventually kills the cells after some time, even though you've added DMSO (or glycerol or other cryoprotectants) to prevent crystal formation. I'm not sure how long is the max for -80 storage but my previous lab had tried it for say a year plus. I'd prefer liq N2 if possible.