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Bacterial strain stocks - (May/28/2009 )

Ive never worked in a lab before now that there were no stocks of bacterial strains such as DH5-alphas to prepare competent cells. We have been buying stocks of competent cells and its just getting too expensive we need many for QC processes. I would like to make competent cells but I dont have a strain stock. Where do I find a vial (stab, glycerol stock, whatever) for sale of DH5-alphas? Any ideas would be great!


If you have been buying competent cells, then those can be used as a seed stock for making more. Just grow some up without transformation, according to your competent cell protocol. If you have none, order one last batch and then freeze a glycerol stock of the cells in your -80 freezer.


I was hoping to just get a stock but using already competent cells would probably be easiest. Thank you for your help!