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Suitable sample for promoter methylation screening - (May/28/2009 )

Hello all
I am working on epigenetic silencing of TSGs in HCC. I was just wondering if blood can be good as a sample for this study, liver biopsy of course the sample of choice.

-Muhammad Umer-

I don't think anyone can comment on this with certainty. You would have to do that experiment, compare methylation in matched tissues to determine if blood can be used as a surrogate marker or find publications that describe this.


i have been looking for publication but could not find one that could satisfy my questions. though i found some information scattered through a few articles in went through, still im looking for some solid and comprehensive information. if anyone can help in this regard
secondly, ur right experimentation is the ultimate choice, but i have to complete my phd within due time :huh:

-Muhammad Umer-

Do you have a liver cancer cell line at hand? That might be more similar in methylation pattern to primary liver cancer samples. Lymphocytes are sometimes used as a negative control for promoter methylation but some genes, e.g. Sfn are normally methylated in this cell type. Some genes also become methylated during life in other types of normal tissue.

Or if you mean whether circulating tumour cells or DNA can be detected in the blood? This has been done, but needs a very sensitive and stable assay.


I actually meant circulating cancer cells or DNA. but the info you have provided is also helpful for me

-Muhammad Umer-