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Neuro2A and Neuroblastoma B104- how to culture? - (May/28/2009 )

Hi, could anyone help me out with information on how to culture the mouse neuroblastoma cell line Neuro 2A and rat neuroblastoma line B104 ? I could not figure out whether a particular coating is needed for those cells. And, does somebody have experience in how those cells grow in RPMI Medium + 10%FCS (instead of the published DMEM +10%FCS)? Thanks.


I've cultured Neuro2A cells before and I just used the normal tissue culture plates. I found that extra plating or treatment was not necessary beforehand.

No idea how they grow in RPM media though.


Add some NAA (non-essential amino acids, Gibco) That ll help to grow them with RPMI medium.


For neuro 2a, I've cultured by using media which are EMEM/EBSS+10% FBS+1%Penstrp+1%L-glutamine