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serum starvation - (May/24/2009 )

Hi all,

I got a relatively basic question. I understand that serum starvation in cultured cells result in oxidative stress which may lead to cell synchronization or to quiescent stage, and eventually if starved long enough will lead to apoptosis. But I wonder of why depriving cells of serum would lead to oxidative stress? Does it affect the redox balance by decreasing glutathione content?

I have another unrelated question. I wonder of why a mixture of compounds can be cytotoxic when dissolved in HBSS, but there was no cytotoxicity if dissolved in DMEM serum free media?

Thank you


It is possible that the serum contains some anti-oxidants that normally prevent oxidative stress.

For your second question, I have no idea, other than there may be some reaction between the compounds in either the HBSS or the DMEM that render the mixture either cytotoxic or not, depending on whether it was cytotoxic in the first place.