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96 Well minipreps? - (May/18/2009 )

I am currently trailling some 96 well miniprep kits, mainly Millipore's one and Qiagen's Turbo kit.

We have done our first trial of the millipore kit and have had abysmal yields, it is a low copy number plasmid, but I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there with some experience of any 96 well kits that could let me know the sort of yields you would expect (ng/ul).


This is going back a while, but I've used the Qiagen 96-well kit for their robot. As far as I can remember the yields, adjusting for the fact that I used 2ml of culture instead of the 5 ml I use for a regular mini prep, were generally comparable, maybe a little lower but not drastically. I used the preps for sequencing and had no problems with any of them.