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how to dialysis against acetic acid - (May/15/2009 )

i am not really familiar with dialysis..

i did once by dialysing aginst NaCl. which i understand ? and i used dialysis casette very easy to use

but how to dialys aginst acid , i dont understand ? is it the simply the same?

what i have to do is actually to change the solution from cell lysing buffer to 0.5 M acitic acid solution .

in the paper i am following they said . dialys first agaisnt distelled water then against acetic acid..

please any body can simplify for me the procedure. how it works and how can i do it ?


Just do the dialysis as indicated (make sure the dialysis tubing/material is resistant to low pH...maybe a call to the manufacturer): Take your casette and dialyze against dH20 changing the solution at least 3 X make sure your dialysis solution is 20X sample.

Next move it to your acetic acid solution...same number of solution changes same volume.

The majority of the change takes place in the first change subsequent changes dialysis time should be longer.

If you are worried about bacterial growth or stability perform the dialysis at 4C