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H9C2 - cell line - Need clarification (May/06/2009 )

I planning to work with H9c2 cell line now i am going through the details of the cell line.

In ATCC site they given subculturing protocol as

Protocol: The myoblastic population will become depleted rapidly if the cultures are allowed to become confluent.
To prevent loss of myoblastic cells, cultures should be subcultured before they become confluent, and the line should be recloned periodically with selection for myoblastic cells.

In above protocol they given reclone periodically with selction for myoblastic cells what it means..........

is any one worked with cell line......

thanks in advance


I have never used this line, but by subcloning they mean that the user should look down the microscope and determine which cells are myoblast like, and which are not, and then try and isolate the myoblast cells. This will probably be best done with cloning rings. I suggest reading Freshney's Culture of Animal Cells for more information on subcloning.