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Cell lines to study epigenetics - (May/05/2009 )

Dear all
I am designing a project to study the epigenetic effect o HCV on various TSGs. I need a cell line for this purpose.
I have a little confusion in my mind as to which cell line should I use because as far as my onw information is concerened, liver cell lines used routinely (HepG2, Huh7, Hepatoma cell lines etc) are cancerous cell lines and the genes i want to study might be already silenced in these lines.
Can anybody please drop a few guiding words for me?
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-Muhammad Umer-

How about HEK293 cells which are normal cells and easy to handle.


I was actually thinking on the same lines but just had a feeling sort of if i can use some non-cancerous liver cell line (as far as my info is concerned, there are a few such available) it might be better.

-Muhammad Umer-