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IMMUNOLOGY Multiple Choice Questions-2 - UNIVERSITY MCQs (May/03/2009 )

ANSWERS highly appreciated thanks.

1. Tears contain…
A. IgA
B. IgG
C. lysozyme
D. none of the above
E. all of the above

2. Macrophages…
A. circulate in the blood stream
B. produce nitric oxide
C. have receptors for IgM
D. are the first leucocytes to arrive at the site of a skin infection
E. are the main immune cells for dealing with viruses

3. Phagocytosis…
A. is carried out by cells of the adaptive immune system
B. is restricted to macrophages
C. is important in bacterial infections
D. is a process that does not involve energy
E. results in division of the cell

4. Opsonins include…
A. perforin
B. magainins
C. C9
E. C3b

5. Both mast cells and basophils…
A. are phagocytic
B. circulate in the blood stream
C. are found primarily in lymph nodes
D. have receptors for IgM antibodies
E. release histamine

6. Viral replication within cells is inhibited by…
A. IL-13
B. IL-1
E. IL-4

7. Cytotoxic T cells generally recognise antigen in association with…
A. class II MHC determinants
B. class I MHC determinants
C. class III MHC determinants
D. HLA-DR determinants
E. all the above

8. CD8 positive cells…
A. can be classified into Th1 and Th2 subgroups based on their
biological function
B. do not produce IFNγ
C. can recognise and kill virus-infected cells
D. can bind free virus
E. all the above

9. Immediate hypersensitivity usually involves…
A. mast cells
B. antibodies to mast cells
C. platelets
D. IgG
E. all the above

10. Haemolytic disease of the newborn due to Rhesus incompatibility depends
upon the…
A. mother possessing Rh antigens not present on the baby’s red cells
B. inability of the baby to react against the mother’s red cells
C. transplacental passage of IgM anti-Rh antibodies
D. transplacental passage of IgG anti-Rh antibodies
E. production of cytotoxic antibodies in the baby


No one here will just give you the answers to homework questions. If you want to tell us which ones you are confused about, and which answer you think might be right and why you think that it's the right answer, we may give you hints as to whether you're headed in the right direction or not...