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seeding cell densities - seeding cells at same density (Apr/29/2009 )

All hail to the scholars in this virtual room. Iím in the company of pure genius. Hereís a basic tissue culture question that Iím confident you guys will knock right out of the ball park. I just want to grow a few hybridomas at the same density, 1 X 10 e 5, even though they start off at different densities. In other words, I have roughly 750, 000 total cells or 25 mls with a cell count of 3.0 X 10 e 4 cells/ml. Another flask has 20,000 cells/ml in a volume of 50 mls for 1 million cells total. My preference is to grow them in a T25 flask but the vessel doesnít matter much---T50, T75. So, should I divide the total number of cells by the desired density? I could add 7.5 mls cells to 50 mls media for the first flask and 10 mls cells to 50 mls media for the second flask. Right?


V=N/C (volume=number divided by concentration) is your friend here, it doesn't just apply to chemistry, any solution will do!