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Vector NTI users!!!! please read this!!! - free alternative to vector nti (Apr/23/2009 )

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Hi all,

Invitrogen used to let students and researchers download Vector NTI software with yearly licenses for free- but recently decided to start charging for the priveledge (approx $2000 aussie dollars for one license for one year). Now I don't know about everybody else but our lab certainly can't afford that! (they gave us some bulls$#t about "financial crisis" blah blah blah").

Anywho, I am really happy because one of my supervisors has found a free alternative :rolleyes: . The CLC viewer that he just showed me is pretty good (and FREE).

So if you are looking for something other than Vector NTI to use, I would give this one a try before you shell out the cash.



Thanks for sharing. I will give it a try.


Wow, thanks for sharing!! I'll definately going to try it someday!


I have the clcbio. i simply hate it. Vector NTI is ok but clc is even worse. I am not happy with it.
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what do you use scolix??


Another alternative is Geneious Basic (free) or Geneious Pro (free 14-day trial then $89 for 6 months or $249 to buy outright). Check it out at It's affordable and simply excellent!


Since the time Vector NTI went commercial, I started using SimVector from Premier Biosoft. Its a really handy tool for cloning.
Check out
Moreover, it now supports Vector NTI files.


.....or try gentle (,
itīs at least freeware.

Never ever Invitrogen! Iīve had 300 molecules created with VNTi............!!!!


Yeh, I tried Gentle too, but I'm liking CLC better. Guess its personal preference and what your application is.


Try SnapGene Viewer for Mac and Windows. It's the free companion to SnapGene, and it has a very nice graphical interface. It will open Vector NTI .gb and .ma4 files, which you can then export in GenBank format if you like.

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