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project - (Apr/19/2009 )


Im glad i ran into this when I did !!

Anyone here able to read a project or offer assisstance within the next day or 2 ?


You might want to offer some specifics - many of the people here are specialists, and chances are that they aren't in the field you are looking at (presumably medicine, given your username).


Questions? AND your answers - most people here won't help unless you can demonstrate some input.
Your ideas?



thanks for your reply...

Im soing a protein interaction stucy using the Pregnane x receptor and identifying receptors.

Aims are to optimise the half-green fluorescent protein assay and use it to detect protein interactions.

I have done the research, study ...just going over it...its around 40-50 pages double spaced...

Input by myself, is that its all written, us need any pointers if im mising somthie really .