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Radiation safety - Volatile components in 35S solution (Apr/17/2009 )


I have been working with 35S methionine for GST-assays and recently read that volatile substances can be formed in reactions containing this labeled amino acid. So far I have not performed my experiments under a fume hood, but am a little worried that maybe I should have (we don't have a hood in our radioactivity lab).

Does anyone have any information concerning this problem? I have been using a 1 mCi solution (in 100 Ál), of which I applied 2 Ál (so 0,02 mCi) per reaction. I also read that the anual exposure limit for inhalation is 2 mCi, so I guess I should be under this value in any case (I only performed a few of these experiment), or do you think I need a medical check up?



i wouldn't sweat it.

sulfur compounds are detectable by odor at very low concentrations so, even though you can smell the 35s-methionine, you are not getting a very significant dose of radiation.

this is not to say that you shouldn't be careful when you handle radioactives, but, more to say that one should be aware of the dangers involved with anything that you use.