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boldine - any tips (Apr/13/2009 )


Has anyone used boldine before in their work? I am supposed to use boldine for some of experiment. In the journals i have read, they dissolved boldine in distilled water. However, when i tried to dissolve in distilled water, it doesn't dissolve.. don't understand why. I checked if their use boldine derivates, but no, they also used boldine. Any advice, please??????????? :lol:


A few thoughts:

1) What is the experiment? More specifically, can you just substitute another solvent? If you don't have to use distilled water, then just dissolve it in something that it's more soluble in.

2) What concentration are you using? Are you using greater concentrations than you found in the literature? That could explain it as well.

3) Are you stirring it enough? Put in a stir bar and leave it on a magnetic stirrer for an hour and walk away and go do something else. If you come back and it's still not dissolved, it's probably not going to.


-Carlton H-

according to the merck index (ninth edition, sorry, i never got a newer edition), boldine is "very slightly soluble in water or ether; soluble in alcohol, chloroform, dilute acids".

it doesn't give solubility information for the hydrochloride.