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Frozen stock of bacteria - Can all bacteria be prepared as frozen stock ? (Apr/08/2009 )

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phage434 on Apr 15 2009, 03:43 AM said:

The lyophilized sample will likely not be stable after opening in any case. I'd recommend just growing the culture and not trying to save some of the lyophilized sample, which probably won't work anyway -- and you won't know more about how to grow it then than you do now (assuming you've been diligent in your reading). ATCC will list the reommended culture medium and growth conditions. As they say -- just do it.

True, in the long run its not good too keep it, but you can normally keep it for a while if you do not contaminate it. Well thats what I did with my samples and they were still ok after 2 months.
Not all freezedried samples need to be kept under vacuum conditions or inert gas for a short period.

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