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confusion about 5'UTR - confusion about 5'UTR (Apr/07/2009 )

My confusion is about subgenomic replicon of hcv. In almost all papers to make subgenomic replicon ,they add two cistron , one of hcv 5置tr and 2nd after neomycin gene EMCV.
I cnt understand still now after reading many literature why they do this,why there is need of TWO cistron. (as I know 5置tr contain IRES, helps ribosome to translate.)

And 2ndly if some one dnt add 5置tr and EMCV. Before any of the structural or nonstructural gene. Does it be called subgenomic. For example I am want to make E1,E2 stable cell line,, but these sequences doesn稚 contain 5置tr and EMCV.E1E2 will be transcribe under promoter of expression vector.can we call it stable subgenomic replicon.

Plz solve my confussion. I値l be GREAT THANKFULL.if any one.


Hi Chicken,

Easter is coming.
Some people are on holiday or are busy finishing the experiments before the holiday.

After Easter Holiday, there will be more people to answer the posts.

-Minnie Mouse-