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Kits for estradiol, FSH, LH or androgens analysis in culture medium - has anybody used any (Apr/07/2009 )

Hi All,

Has anybody used any kits for the detction of estradiol, FSH, LH or androgens in culture medium after growth of cells?

I'm culturing my own murine cells aand would like to analyse the medium both before and after the additon of relevant factors.

I'm sure i could use kits that have been developed for human or other cell lines.

If anybody know's of any ELISAs or any other detection methods i would be very grateful for the info.



I am unsure if kits are available for detection in tissue culture media. These are very well defined analytes normally/routinely tested in hospital labs.(human / animal sera).

If these analytes (your samples) are in the concentration ranges normally detected in human sera then I would use the commercial kits for doing my analyses. You may have to validate the test using your own standards (tissue culture fluid/matrix) due to the difference in matrix between serum and media.

Depending upon how many samples you wish to test, the cost per kit, may want to investigate sending the samples out to a hospital lab for testing (or to reference lab). A small reference lab may be able to give you a good price v. kit(s) purchase.


One other thought: you indicated you could use detection methods for analytes made by human cells. There may be a difference in the analyte structure between the human v murine. This could be especially true for the protein homones FSH, LH probably not so much for the steriods.

If the structure is similar using your own standards and examining the binding will point you in the right direction.