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How to check antibodies for viruses - (Apr/02/2009 )

We want to inject some of our animals with an antibody of which we have a clue that it will raise the blood pressure.
we got a comment from the animal house that we had to take extra safety messurements, which is a drag cause they have to go nto a special room and we have to the the blood pressure over there in a flowhood. The reason is that it was suggested that the antibody might contain a virus. Abcam cannot rule out that there aren't any in there, so is there a way I can prove this??

-Judith de Vos-

Is it a cloned monoclonal AB or is it a serum polyclonal? Is it IgG, IgM, IgA?

In theory, if it's a monoclonal it's been cleaned on a protein A column and shouldn't have viruses in it.
You could maybe try running a sample on a gel and staining it to see if you get more bands.

If it's a polyclonal I can't thing of a solution for you.