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transfection - (Mar/31/2009 )

I need to do transfection experiment to prove that a zebrafish gene is regulated by PPAR(transcription factor). I have the promoter of that gene. But i am not able to get the expression vector for the zebrafish PPAR. Can I use the human or mouse PPAR expression vector .
will it be publishable?
The cell line I am using is CHO.
is there any other way to do transfection like si RNA?



If the zebrafish PPAR gene is in high homology with human or mouse PPAR genes I think that it will give you some data.
If it works, I don't see a reason why it will not be publishable.
If it doesn’t work, you can't know if it's real or if it's a false-negative.

It's a starting point. Later try to clone the zebrafish PPAR gene.