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lyophilized protein now looks clear - (Mar/30/2009 )

Hi everyone,

About a year ago I did a big protein extraction/purification and stored aliquots of my freeze dried protein. They used to look white and powdery as usual.
However, I have just gone to get a fresh one, and they no longer took white and powdery - more like a little lump of clear goop sticking to the side of the tube. What has happened? Will it still be ok do you think?

Any help greatly appreciated....



the sample seems to have hydrated.

it may still be okay if the protein can survive freezing.


Use better tubes next time, most of the tubes without little silicone gaskets in them will slowly leak, especially at low temperatures.


Thanks very much. I have used an aliquot today and so far so good. Tubes were just standard eppendorfs, so I'll consider an alternative for next time.

thanks again!