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Playing for keeps - Reusing remaining protein sample (Mar/29/2009 )


I did SDS PAGE on cell lysate ( lysed with 1X sample buffer) yesterday. I still have some left . After boiling the sample , i used some for SDS PAGE and kept the remaining in 4C.

My question is , can i still use the sample for furhter SDS PAGE? or do i need to prepare fresh one?

it seems to me that it's not neccesary because if it's needed , it woudl have been recommended in the protein ladder marker product that we bought all the time.

i woudl like to further confirm this so ur suggestion would really help on this end.



I don't see a reason why not to use the rest of your lysate - if stored properly... ;)



Use it, it works.


-T C-

This sample will work fine on a new gel. I routinely do experiments large enough to get at least two gels worth of sample. This way, if there is a problem in the gel or transfer, I can re-run samples.