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Definite and easiest method to show apoptosis - (Mar/26/2009 )

Hello All,

I am new to apoptosis and have some questions regarding methods of detecting apoptosis.

Can morphologic features alone of living cells observed under microscope tell you whether a cell is apoptotic?

TUNEL assay, FACS assay, caspase analysis, and many other methods: which can definitely tell apoptosis and easy to do?



The answers are:

1)Yes, but only in late stage apoptosis.
2)They all can, but which one you use is up to you, and should depend on what you are trying to detect and how early and cost and convenience.



I like the Annexin V-FITC assay (BD Bioscience) as its quick and easy and not too expensive. Its nice because you can track the progress of apoptosis through the early stages to later on when the cells start falling apart.

(Protocol attached)
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Thank you Bob and Penguin! Your attached protocol really helps.