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antrax antigen - (Mar/24/2009 )

Dear everybodyI'd like to produce antibody monoclonal againt antrax. Could you please give me information how to get the antigen commercially. Thank


What is "antrax"? If you mean "anthrax", that's a disease, not an organism. If you want to produce a monoclonal antibody against the bacterium that causes anthrax, you'll need some Bacillus anthracis, and a much better idea of the antigen you want to raise a monoclonal against.

Monoclonal antibodies were produced against the protective antigen component of the B. anthracis toxin a long time ago (1988, see here), and (equally long ago) against spore coat components (see here).

I'm not entirely clear as to what your question is, could you re-phrase it?