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request pIRES2-EGFP - (Mar/21/2009 )

I am kindly requesting if someone could send a sample of pIRES2-EGFP from clontech to a young and beginning PI. Sorry to ask but I underestimated the cash burn that comes with starting up a lab!!

Many thanks.


I know the lab next to me works with this vector but I can't exactly ask them to give it to me to give it to you. What I do suggest is that you find a group that has published a construct and request that. You will get the vector with their insert but you'll have the backbone and can remove their insert. You should think about doing this for many things. Vectors, antibodies, reagents, ect. Once a group publishes something, all of their reagents are supposedly up for request. You'll also be amazed at how much free/discounted stuff you can get by contacting the companies or making really good friends with the reps. Does you institution have in-house freezers? We have roche, neb, sigma, qiagen, ect. freezers and the lab that takes care of it gets major discounts. Perhaps you could volunteer to run one of the freezers?


Thanks for the tip. I'll start doing some literature searches. I understand that having a freezer program can have advantages but right now I'm to trying to focus on getting ahead (or at least keeping up) with the competition, grant writing, finding good co-workers etc.

In this light it would be great if someone could send me a clean sample of the vector without any insert.