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i am a gr. 11 student who is doing an assignment on fluid-mosaic models

i need to explain in "exceptional" detail how the fluid mosaid model and cell membrane is related to FAMILY DOCTORS and MEDICINE.

i've already contacted 8 doctors, but none of them responded back
i've been trying to come up with possible answers but i'm stuck
the only one i've come up with is that the membrane transports thing in and out of cell such as bacterias, that could make the cell sick and the person sick,

how can i develop more on this, and any new ideas?

PLEASE HELP I AM HONESTLY DESPERATE!, any info in grealy appreciated!!!
thanks in advance!


what a strange topic. maybe you can report about the usage of liposomes for drug delivery.


or something about lipid rafts. here you have one link:

I hope its not too late.