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i am a gr. 11 student who is doing an assignment on fluid-mosaic models

i need to explain in "exceptional" detail how the fluid mosaid model and cell membrane is related to FAMILY DOCTORS and MEDICINE.

i've already contacted 8 doctors, but none of them responded back
i've been trying to come up with possible answers but i'm stuck
the only one i've come up with is that the membrane transports thing in and out of cell such as bacterias, that could make the cell sick and the person sick,

how can i develop more on this, and any new ideas?

PLEASE HELP, any info in grealy appreciated!!!
thanks in advance!


Than is a good reasoning what you are doing.
Now you can expand that into cell membrane receptors. As you said, the composition of cell membrane is key in allowing things in and out of the cell (water, ions, enzymes, nutrients, neurotransmitters, toxins, etc). Some bacteria can enter and live inside the cell, but that is not that common.


Write about osmosis and how water is kept in or out depending on ion concentration (you can make a clinical correlation writiong about cell dehydration or something like that)
Write about how drugs enter the cell thanks to cell receptors (mostly, the protein part of the mosaic)
Write about cell membrane receptors, relate that to diabetes (famous and great example) and cell's sugar intake.
Write about cell receptors in neurotransmission. Relate that to myastenia, that could be a great example.

I hope this helps! Good luck!